Thank you for considering your horse's comfort!   So that I can give your horse the best possible evaluation, please

  • allow 2-3 hours for your appointment
  • try not to plan any other appointments for your horse on the same day
  • have your horse wait for us in his stall
  • be prepared to have the primary rider ride him/her in the primary saddle but please no riding before your appointment (lunging a fresh horse is OK)
  • for measuring, practice having your horse stand still & square

Your appointment with start with measuring you and your saddle.  Then after I complete the measurements of your horse and the static saddle fit, I will have you ride in your saddle without a saddle pad, if possible.  This will give us even more information on your saddle's dynamic fit.  

After the static and dynamic fit evaluations, I will explain how your saddle is compatible and comfortable for your horse or how it is not and help you with your options.  

Please contact me for pricing and details. No high pressure sales.